When I was told that I was going to work with someone who has 4+ Million followers - my first thought was, I barely have like, 100 friends on Facebook.  I have a long way to go before becoming an internet celebrity.  In any case, we knew that in order to create video content that her followers would enjoy, we had to blend out style with her photography style.  Hence, wide scenic landscape shots of breathtaking mountains and waters, shot anamorphic on the Alexa Mini, with the ever glimpse of Layla dancing through it's atmosphere.  The highlight, evidently, of any wilderness trip in Canada is venturing out on seaplanes to distant lands, such as Vancouver Island's surfing town of Tofino, meeting their incredible locals, and savoring their stiff drinks like the "Feather George" which is aged spirits topped with a shaving of cedar wood from the workshop of the artist the drink was named after.  Ahh, I can sit back and watch the storm come in without a worry in Canada.
The video saw 5.4 Million plays an featured original music by a local composer.
"When I first watched this video of my trip to Vancouver, I kept watching it on repeat.  This is probably one of the most satisfying videos I'e ever made, every frame is breathing.  Here, people don't get old, they only become more interesting."
Client : Tourism Vancouver
Agency : FlowCS
Director : Jason Lee Wong
Camera : Alexa Mini, Cooke Anamorphic
In addition, I took photos of Layla which were the key images used for her social media postings which received 14.7 million impressions and over 19k
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