Behind the Music

internet branded content on the underground music scene in France
We were commissioned by Redbull France to conceptualize and produce television like media for the internet. It was a first for media creation by the French department of the Austrian energy drink.
Red Bull Road To: Paris is an inspirational, fun, unexpected and credible short format web series looking at the unknown night scene of several French cities. Our influential local host takes us on a visual tour of an eccentric mix of people who work and play long past the midnight hour – to reveal the latest local music / bar venues, discuss the evolution of the scene with music connoisseurs over late night food, visit musicians burning the midnight candle working on their latest album, check out who’s getting a tattoo at 2am, and get into understanding where the scene is coming from and where it is going that encourages outsiders to visit and locals to feel proud of their city.
Road to Paris was filmed in four cities of France – Caen, Lille, Strasbourg, and Lyon and edited in Paris.
Format : Short Web Branded Content Series
Length : 8-10 min
Language : French
Camera : Sony FS7, A7Sii
Client : Redbull France
Producer : Martine Marras
Director : Jason Lee Wong