A Chinese Artist's Trip to China
Jason Lee Wong is an American Chinese but his place of birth never completely matched with his personality and family background.  He travelled throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia and now lives in China.  During the course of his life he not only got the best out of America and out of China, but also found his place in the world.
So how has Jason been able to switch from America, where he was born, to China?  It all started when he decided to go against his parents' wishes of a stable engineering career.  His first "rebellion" to his parents who had wished him to become an engineer took place when he was fifteen years of age.  He refused to follow the path his parents has chosen for him and decided to move to San Francisco where he studied film and also learned about enjoying life and opening his mind to other ideas and other cultures.
Filmmaking become his ever challenging and exciting career.  He began in Hollywood as the camera assistant for two years and there he was able to get solid professional foundations on how large studios can create stories.  But it was not necessarily his education, or his work experience, but more the time he spent traveling the world and engaging with people, family, and friends that he would credit as the decisive factors that help him on his projects.
For such a talented artist of Chinese origin such as Jason, China had gradually become his final destination as far as both his profession and his personal life were concerned.  His documentary project on intercultural love in China was also recently funded by the European Union Delegation to China - which follows several European-Chinese relationships from young to old, recently married to retired, and talks about overcoming cultural differences as well as life philosophy in an inspiring, and sometimes tear-jerking, unique style.
After four years of living and shooting all over China, Jason's Career and life can be considered a success story.  Taking advantage from his previous academic and professional experiences in the States, he now focuses his activities on projects which can bring positive inspiration to people.  As he never forgets the American saying that "Media Influences People", his new lifetime goal has now become the production of films that can influence people towards honesty and morality rather than power or money.
China is therefore proud to host in its territory such a valuable and inspiring artist such as Jason Lee Wong.
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