In 2015 I and one of my favorite tourism production companies Flow CS came up with a wacky idea to promote the Canadian nature to the Chinese audience. We teamed up with world renowned Chinese photographer Xi Zhinong (who spent months … years? … waiting to photograph one of China’s rarest monkeys) to develop a story where he would take two city kids into the deep deep wilderness of Canada for an entire week for a life changing experience. And what a production that was! We had to not only tow kids along with us, but two cameramen, sound, (sometimes the client too!) but often we had to think that we would not be near electricity or food for entire days so we had to pack everything with us.
More if anything, I think this job changed me – Xi Zhinong would often just walk off the path – for hours into the deep woods. He and the kids would be fascinated by mushrooms, plants, and very excited by days old moose poop (the boy would collect old deer pellets as souvenirs!) It was there that I was reminded about the beauty of nature, and what happens when you get off the beaten path of life.
Production Company : Flow CS
Producer : Joanna Wong
Director : Jason Lee Wong
Camera : Sony FS7

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